If you are new to Urban CrossFit, your first point of entry is a free orientation session. It provides us the opportunity to get acquainted with you by reviewing your fitness and athletic background, identifying any injuries and/or limitations you might have, and discussing your current needs and goals. To help you understand what makes our gym unique, we’ll provide you with a detailed description of what we do, explain how our program works, and field any questions that you might have. Lastly, to give you a feel for what a class is like, we’ll teach you a few basic movements and take you through a short conditioning workout. Your options for training with us after completion of your orientation are detailed below.

To schedule your free orientation session, use our contact page.



One-on-one sessions provide a personal setting that allows training to be tailored to your needs and goals. The focused instruction and coaching provided is the most efficient and effective route for achieving success. Needs and/or goals that may be best served by this training option include:

  • Extra accountability
  • Specific performance related goals (athletic event preparation, skill mastery, etc.)
  • Extreme de-condition due to a long period of inactivity
  • Referral from a physician, physical therapist or chiropractor
  • Significant health and/or orthopedic issues (bulging/herniated disc(s), exercise induced asthma, etc.)
Sessions can be scheduled regularly on a month to month basis, or occasionally as a single or small series of sessions to work on specific skills and/or goals.

To get information on Private Training rates and options, use our contact page.


Our CrossFit Classes blend strength training with conditioning in a group setting. Complex, functional barbell movements are used to train for strength while highly varied, intense conditioning workouts are used to develop general physical preparedness. The group setting offers camaraderie, support, competition, and a sense of community. Attending at least 3 classes per week will yield consistent results and the best value. See our Schedule for a full list of class offerings. All new members interested in joining our Group Classes are required to first complete a series of Novice Classes.

Cost: $175/month for unlimited classes.


Mastering any complex motor skill requires persistence, patience, and humility. In the novice stage of the learning process, progress is usually slow as you become familiar with the basic components of the skill. More frequent and persistent coaching and instruction is required at this time to maximize retention, validate success, and minimize the risk of injury. Our Novice Classes are designed to facilitate this process. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that you are given sufficient coaching and instruction time. Movements are broken down to simplify the learning process, and systems for grouping movements are taught to make the material easier to digest and retain. You will be able to transition into our CrossFit Classes when your movement proficiency displays basic understanding of our methods. For the majority of individuals, this will require at least one month of consistent attendance.

For a current list of Novice Class offerings, see our Schedule. The Novice Class schedule is subject to change based on demand.

Cost: $175/month for unlimited classes.