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Primal Pacs

Rogue Do-Win
Pendlay Barbell
Adidas PowerLift Trainer
Adidas PowerLift Trainer
More Sit-ups, in More Places
Tabata Sit-ups.JPG

In the middle of a set of Tabata Sit-ups
The Power Jump
Matt Double Under.JPG

"Power jumping requires the athlete to propel the body upward and lift the feet up to several inches from the surface while making small, fast circular movements with the wrists in order to execute multiple turns of the rope with each jump. This technique develops explosiveness, vertical acceleration, hand and wrist strength, and anaerobic capacity." - Buddy Lee, the world's leading jump rope training expert.

Intro to Double Unders - video (wmv) (mov)
Proteins with a Soul and a Face
Robb Wolf.jpg

"...Glucagon is critical for insulin sensitivity.  You need significant amounts of glucagon to be released consistently, in other words eating protein at every meal, in order to normalize insulin levels.  This needs to be a dense protein source.  Find something that was living, and had a face and a soul, kill it, and bring it's essence into your person." - Robb Wolf

Taken from the video "Proteins with a Soul and a Face", which was featured on the CrossFit mainpage today.  You can watch it here - (wmv) (mov)

I Love It When You Call Me Big Popa

Vlad Popa, Deadlifting 155kg after approximately 4 months of strength training and a lot of milk.  Before starting, Vlad had never Squatted heavier than 100kg, Pressed more than 35kg, or Deadlifted more than 100kg.  These were his stats this past weekend when we put him though a CrossFit Total:

Squat: 155kg
Press: 61kg
Deadlift: 155kg