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Primal Pacs

Rogue Do-Win
Pendlay Barbell
Adidas PowerLift Trainer
Adidas PowerLift Trainer
Big Fat Lies
Gary Taubes, award-winning writer for Science, the New York Times Magazine and other publications, discusses his book, "Good Calories, Bad Calories", at the Stevens Institute of Technology.  The book argues that much of what we have been told about the relationship between body weight, diet and exercise is wrong.

Triple Extension
Liz Triple Extension.JPG

Successful execution of a Power Clean requires full extension of the hips, knees, and ankles in order to maximally transfer momentum to the bar.
Totaled, Again
Total Group 2.JPG

We held our 2nd CrossFit Total this past Saturday.  There were many PRs, a few missed attempts, and of course, a big giant deadlift at the end.  A special thank you goes out to Mindy, Christina and Jake, our helpers, who made everything run smoothly.  Congratulations to all the athletes that came out to participate, and we look forward to seeing more of you at the next Total.

Pipes 90kg Press.JPG
Strength Training For Women
Tanya Wagner Snatch.JPG

"Men and women have different work capacities and different natural inclinations, but their bodies still work the same way... women, being testicle-free, do not produce enough natural testosterone to get those bulging pecs and engorged thighs without supplementing with steroids." - Mark Sisson, from his website "Mark's Daily Apple", in a post about Strength Training and Women.
CrossFit Games 2009 Photo Documentary
The following slide show is a collection of the photos that Craig took this weekend while spectating the CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA.

Scaling "Advanced" Bodyweight Movements

Thanks to the folks at GSX Athletics, we've made Handstand Push-ups accessible to anyone, regardless of strength, experience, or ability.  One band is attached to the bar, while the other is looped through the first and worn as a harness.  The bands provide assistance out of the bottom of the push-up, as well as stability if you wrap your feet around the band.  A spotter helps the athlete into the inverted position, provides stability when needed while performing the movement, then assists the athlete back to the ground.
CrossFit Pregnancy
Coryn Prego Pull-up.JPG

Coryn, 31 weeks (7 months) pregnant, still able to do pull-ups.  Even at this stage, she is able to do the majority of workouts without large modifications.  She does a great job of listening to her body, scaling load and/or volume when necessary.  The only major modifications we've made to her workouts are no jumping (mostly just box jumps), and nothing supine (lying on her back), like sit-ups or bench press.  She is an inspiration to any mom-to-be who wants to stay fit during pregnancy.
New Class Times

Starting next week we will be adding an 8:00am class to the schedule on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
Workouts on the Road
Sue Mt. Rushmore Squat.jpg

On vacation and struggling to get a workout in?  All you need is some floor/ground space and your own bodyweight; the possibilities are endless.  Pictured above is Sue making sure that she doesn't fall behind while on a 3 week road trip.