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Primal Pacs

Rogue Do-Win
Pendlay Barbell
Adidas PowerLift Trainer
Adidas PowerLift Trainer
Setting Up
Deadlift Setup.JPG

When preparing to pull weight off the floor, begin by getting the bar directly over the middle of your foot, about an inch from your shins when they are vertical.  This is where the barbell/body system will be in balance, and is the most efficient and effective position for the bar to leave the floor from.  In fact, as the weight gets heavier, your ability to pull the weight off the floor from anywhere except directly over the middle of the foot greatly diminishes to point where it becomes impossible.
Getting Hitched
Christina Craig Wedding.jpg

Urban CrossFit proudly presents: Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Christina Cooper!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, wishes & congratulations.  We had a wonderful celebration! 
Balls To The Wall
Balls Wall.JPG

10' To The Center.
CrossFit Baby
Coryn Baby.JPG

Congratulations to one strong woman!  Coryn gave birth to her third son, Charlie Jens Gjerdrum, on September 17th, who weighed in at 8lbs 8oz.  Coryn CrossFitted diligently right up to the day before she was officially due!  On that day, she performed "Jackie" as RX'd!  She even set a new PR (pushing record) for this birth at 8min!
The Fight Is Over
Fight Gone Bad.JPG

Congratulations to the 11 athletes from our gym who participated in Fight Gone Bad this past Saturday at CrossFit Eastside.  Everyone performed very well, with some PRing by more that 30 reps!